The Mall X - Turn Any Moment Into an eCommerce Moment - The Mall X
The Mall X can deploy a native checkout experience, with any product, into any website, game, app or on any device such as Xbox One.
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The Mall X – Turn Any Moment Into an eCommerce Moment

The Mall X

Enable eCommerce Anywhere Your Fans Are, With The Mall X.


eCommerce has always been destination led, with brands building eCommerce stores and spending a lot of time and energy trying to get customers interested in visiting. But what if you could deliver your eCommerce experience to where your customers already are? Such as the games, apps and content sites they are most passionate about or even at their favorite sports events and concerts?


That’s what The Mall X does, though we like to think of it as a ‘Contextual Commerce Platform’. Meaning that we deliver contextually relevant products to customers when they are most likely to purchase them.


That could mean an in-app purchase of sneakers while the consumer watches their favorite player in a sports streaming app, a merch t-shirt purchased from the dashboard of their favorite game or even a simple tap of their phone to a NFC tag on the back of the seat in front of them while they watch a match or attend a concert.


The best thing? The sale goes straight back to your eCommerce store, where you process payment and fulfill the order.

The Mall X Platform
Who We Help
For Brands

You’ve got an eCommerce store but are finding it hard to attract customers to it. What if you could deliver your products to where your customers already are? Well with The Mall X that is possible.

With a light touch integration we do all the work. We can onboard your eCommerce store in days and then deliver your products to any connected TV device, console, app, game, website or even physical location all in the form of a native shopping basket pre-populated with contextually relevant products for each entertainment moment.

The best thing – once the user purchases we inject the order straight back into your eCommerce store, where you perform all your normal fraud checks, process the payment and fulfill the order.

For Agencies

You’ve come up with the most amazing ad campaigns, with the most data driven media buy you’ve ever done for a client. But there’s the problem – you’ve no real idea how many extra products were actually sold because of your campaign.

If only there was a way to shorten the path to purchase and deliver your clients product to the customer the minute they saw your ad. Well you’ve read this far so you must know what’s coming – there is now!

We can deliver a Mall X ‘Mini-Mall’ basket almost anywhere, meaning that no matter where a consumer might have engaged with your ad – Connected TV, in game, in app or even at an out-of-home location – we can deliver the product that you are advertising to them right there and then.

Meaning that for the first time ever you will be able to point to an exact uptick in sales and say ‘ That was us!’.

For Publishers

You have a passionate fan-base of users, who spend hours every week engaging with your content in your app or game on a console or connected TV.

The question is though – how do you up-sell and monetize this audience in a more meaningful way without ruining their user experience.

Our Mall X Mini-Mall API allows us to deploy a shell into any website, game or app, giving your users a native promotion or checkout experience for partner brands and advertisers. We will deliver contextually relevant products to your users and allow you to monetize existing real estate in your app like never before, all without you having to lift a finger!

Brainwave Analytics

Brainwave is our insights and analytics metrics tracker, that will allow you to track everything from impressions and sales to detailed demographic data from every interaction with our Mall X platform.

Our Solutions
Mall X Mini Mall - Native In Game, App or Website Checkouts

With the Mall X Mini-Mall, we turn any publishers page into an eCommerce enabled store, delivering contextually relevant products that can be purchased in seconds. No matter what the game, app or website, we can deploy a checkout experience at any size, native to that page, with two lines of code and deliver a native checkout experience with contextually relevant products to customers when their purchase intent is highest.

Mall X Retail

The Mall X Retail enables you to deliver any product to any location, with simple activations that launch a pre-populated basket straight to a phones browser. No need for users to download apps or sign up to accounts. We empower them to checkout in a couple of clicks, turning physical locations into eCommerce opportunities.

Mall X Connected TV Stores

Want your own branded store on connected TV devices like Xbox One or Apple TV, but don’t want to spend a six figure sum and 9 months in development building it? Then let us help you. We can deliver a fully branded store, with a selection of curated content that is tied straight to your eCommerce store but is delivered optimized for native connected TV interaction.

What You're Missing

Million Connected TV Users




Chance to sell to a customer when their fan passion is highest

Do you want to reach your customers when they are most likely to buy? If so drop us a line on the details below!