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5 Best Things We Saw at E3

5 Best Things We Saw at E3

5 Best Things We Saw at E3



1. Cosplayers

It’s number one on our list for a reason. E3 was full of amazing, ingenious cosplayers as always and this year they really shined. There were three Lara Crofts, a Crash Bandicoot, literal hordes of zombies and the standard was extremely high. Two that stick out in my mind are the Cyberpunk duo, Ben Schamma (Maul Cosplay) and Maja Felicitas.


2. Microsoft killing it

Nobody expected much from Microsoft this year which is why when they exceeded all expectations no one could believe it. From buying five indie studios (including Ninja Theory recent winner of five Bafta awards for their game Hellblade) to a whole bunch of exclusives and finally the CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk trailer it was a whirlwind of great and long-awaited news.



3. Fortnite on all consoles 

Nintendo Switch has been added to the Fortnite family and it continues to be the biggest game of 2018. They may not have had a conference, but instead hosted a massive Esports event at the expo with 100 players, featuring 50 celebrities and 50 professional streamers, showing off their game at its best. Since the announcement of Fortnite on Switch and the crossplay opportunities between other consoles, Sony has been criticised by fans for denying them interaction with other platforms by locking their Epic accounts for no other reason than spite one can assume. They have since issued a non-apology and taken no steps to fix the problem.



4. Mobile Gaming Push

Mobile gaming has become extremely profitable as of late especially when compared to console earnings, yet it so rarely earns a place on the E3 stage so it was nice to see it be displayed however briefly.



5. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Everyone likes a nice surprise and by god, was that trailer for Resident Evil 2 a surprise. I’ve never been so confused as when I was watching life from a rat’s perspective, but the reveal made it all worth it. Some have voiced concerns over Leon and Claire’s youthful looks and voices but considering their ages in the game and the new engine Capcom are using this can all be quelled easily. Matthew Mercer and Alyson Court did a fantastic job voicing Leon and Claire and I’m sure they will return to the franchise at some point.


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